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We INVITE you to begin a 7 Day Challenge
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Challenge begins on the 1st of May 2019.
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If your SINGLE find your IDEAL partner.
If your already MARRIED create the IDEAL relationship.
Step One
You will join with other WARRIORS inside our private Facebook Group for the 7 Day challenge as you network and move with the momentum that a community of committed WARRIORS creates.
Step Two
Every few days a detailed outline will be delivered in 7 challenges via our private facebook group with videos, live events, email advice that will break through to a new higher level of commitment and purpose across your relationship and life. Designed from 30 years of experience in creating Kingdoms.
Step Three
Immerse yourself in a cultured online experience via the Facebook group and tailored to what you need with skills tools and tips to get you the RESULT. Live Q&A’s, interactions and advice are all available.
invest 7 days and save a year’s worth of work!

For less than an hour every day, you can shift yourself forward with massive momentum.

                 If you want change then you must do the inner work
 for the outer to change.
This is the MOST POWERFUL way to make the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life WORK the way it should and CONQUER the SIX VITAL TERRITORIES in your KINGDOM!
but don't just take our word for it.
"We almost got a divorce. Now Im seeing how TWO is more more powerful than one and the masculine and feminine is a dance."

Roman and Tatiana
"It was a major effort to fly from Florida but so worth it.
I feel like a big stone has been lifted from my back as a women"

Dion and Madeline

"I have been doing personal development and transformational work for 20 years and this gave me, myself back as a KING."

Marc and Michelle
"Seeing my husband grow and become the man he is supposed to be is giving me the confidence to be a women in my feminine state."
Sherika and Matt.
"I feel like I will be able to speak up in a safe place and a lot more opportunity for communication and dealing with kids too coming from a place thats not so exhausting and feeling so much more comfortable."
Joanne and Cameron
"Anyone that's lost, that keeps making mistakes or attracting the same type of man should learn this."
Hulya and Chayne
"Fleur can can be unpeaceful and highly emotional to get her message across and to show her frustration.
Five minutes later she can be so loving and peaceful curled up on the bed like a kitten.
I have learnt to come back to peaceful as quickly as she can."
Grant and Fleur
"I didn't want to come but glad she forced me to come. Lol. I didn't understand any of it before I came.
I learnt how to open up and communicate. You have to be here to experience it."
Leah and Craig
"As women society has taught us to stand up and be strong and while thats well and good and beautiful, we aren't allowing our men to stand up and be the natural providers and protectors they are. As women we are so tired cause we are sick of carrying the burden and being able to step into the role of queen."
Nigel and Melody
"It takes us back to when we first met and how connected we were. We read each other so well like we did and thats happened again."
Kane and Katie
"I have to be aware that the Relationship has to come first. its ok not to agree, we have to agree to not agree and put US first."
The Challenge begins on the 1st of May 2019.
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